Why I am a church member

I am a member of the Christian Science Church because I love this community of faith. I have continually felt and witnessed the dedication, inspiration and support of this church community. I have been elevated and sustained by my membership.

Being a member of this church helps to reaffirm, reassure, and extend my spiritual learning and growth.  It is an avenue, as well, for sharing and promoting faith in the community, as well.  I appreciate especially the sense of community, fellowship, and friendship, that is an ongoing support to me and many others. 

I became a church member because it represents a commitment on my part.  It is a way of saying I believe in Christian Science, I want to practice it in my life, and I want to be a part of a body of people who believe the same thing.

I am a church member because of the beautiful community that church provides.  When you are surrounded by love from a community it is easier to navigate the world. There are people to rely on and put your trust in!

I enjoy serving our community as a member of the Christian Science Church and its emphasis on learning more about God through studying the Bible.  We love the emphasis on how much God loves each of his children. This church embraces all!  We love reading and exploring the corresponding books to the Bible, including Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and other church literature. It is such a blessing to focus on healing messages and peace as we pray for all mankind.  

I was raised with role models of belonging to church, being active, and contributing. There was always the expectation that I would someday join myself. However, thinking more deeply, I love church. Being active helps be me a better Christian Scientist. It spurs me to study the weekly Bible Lesson, understand more of our Christian Science movement, and accept our obligation to family, community, and the world.

I love being a part of a group that is a force for good in the community and the world.  Church for me is a rock, an anchor, a home.  I feel loved and supported in my journey of healing of all kinds — physical as well as relationships, etc.  The church service on Sunday is a healing service; Wednesday church is a place of sharing healing; and the Reading Room during the week is a place of study for healing.  Because Church is not a one-day experience, it enlivens and enriches every aspect of my life.